Kitten Sociability and Training - cat kittens

Kitten Sociability and Training

One of my favorite topics is feline behavior, and in this section you’ll learn all about how your kitten sees, hears, smells the world, tastes her food and feels when you pet her. That’s important, because senses rule the why, when, and how of kitten behavior, from hisses and purrs, to fluffed fur and furled whiskers.
            This section also celebrates and explains the purpose behind kitten play. You’ll learn how you can make play-sessions work for you as training tools and bonding therapy to bring out the best personality in your pet.
            There is a common misconception that kittens—cats in general—cannot be trained. Nonsense! Kittens especially are eminently trainable and I want you to know all the key elements for teaching your new baby the rules of the house, from crate training to leash walking. What kinds of rewards work? How do I stop “bad” behavior? You’ll find step-by-step instruction on these issues as well as humane and effective cures for problem behaviors like biting, clawing furniture, and hit-or-miss bathroom behavior. So many people routinely travel these days that kittens often need to learn some rules of the road. You’ll find information on keeping your kitten safe and comfortable during travel whether she goes with you, or stays at home.